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AI-Powered Post-MBA Certificate

Embrace the AI challenge to revitalize your managerial skills and improve professional outcomes!

Designed Impact – what’s in it for you?

A genuinely international program
that mirrors the business reality of today

An international mix of faculty and participants is granted. The AI-powered post-MBA Certificate is delivered online, with the onsite session in Cambridge, UK – (optional), and the graduation onsite session in Gdansk, Poland. The UK and guest speakers use and demonstrate AI-powered learning tools during all classes.
Your personalized learning journey includes:
Cambridge Campus
McGraw Hill MBA content
AI workshops within each module
Postgraduate University Diploma

Structure of the AI-powered post-MBA

The program combines 2 in-person modules, 14 real-time online modules, and an independent online study program between modules based on McGraw Hill MBA content.

Each online module explores concepts through a formula including interactive lectures and participant interaction, as well as case-based debates, exercises, shared feedback, and analysis. These teaching methods have been chosen to foster optimal learning conditions so as first to understand artificial intelligence, and then to work with it, direct it, and rise to the challenges it poses.

Participants are required to complete a capstone project before graduation. You will work either individually or collaborate in teams to develop an AI-powered solution for a specified business challenge that you will showcase to your cohort and experts.


Early bird deadline:

September 15, 2023

discount on the Cambridge Campus session

AI-Powered Cambridge, UK session:

December 04-08, 2024

Real-time webinars (on some Saturdays) start

October 21, 2023

Graduation ceremony in Gdańsk Old Town:

June 23, 2024

Program Content

Increase your managerial power with scientific decision-making in the following learning journey composed of 14 real-time online course units and 2 in-person modules on:

  • Artificial Intelligence – the what and the how in business
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to improve your foresight
  • AI-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Development of AI strategy and investments in AI
  • AI prisms for Sustainability and ESG
  • Approaches to responsible AI, AI risk management, and AI governance
  • The impact of AI on Marketing, Sales, Finance, Accounting, and Operations
  • AI-powered Leadership

Who should attend?

The program is designed for mid/senior-level managers with 10 or more years of experience in management and leadership. You may be head of a business unit or managing a team at a functional level and be looking to grow your understanding of technology trends and the different applications of AI to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and create a richer world.
Our Program Consultant will review all applications to ensure an outstanding cohort.
As the program is conducted in English by UK and guest speakers, a good working knowledge of the
language is recommended.


The fee for the program is 3 450 EUR. The fee includes real-time webinars, access to McGraw Hill digital content, the graduation session in Gdańsk, and costs related to the issuance of the diploma. It does not cover travel, accommodation, or meal expenses in Gdańsk.
The extra fee for the Cambridge Campus session is 1 150 EUR. This covers the session, lunch, and refreshments. It does not cover travel, accommodation, or evening meal expenses.
We offer a 10% discount for Collegium Prometricum Alumni and a 20% discount on the Cambridge
Campus session for early birds (apply before the end of September 2023).

Learn more about the 4 Day Cambridge Campuse Session and join the group of managers focused on succeeding in an increasingly AI-driven business world!

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